How to Make a Flower Bow

Want to make a cute flower bow under 10 minutes?
Then this is the PERFECT tutorial for YOU!
Supplies Needed:
*1 clip (I used 45mm single prong alligator clip no teeth)
*3/8" ribbon
*lighter*Fabri-Tac glue (can get from Walmart in craft section)
*Cabinet Shelf Liner

1 - Get your clip, I used a 45mm single prong alligator clip with NO teeth)
2 - Cut your 3/8" ribbon 4.5 in long

3 - Heat treat the ends of your ribbon. What I mean by that is you are going to take your lighter and run fire over ends. It literally takes a split second. You don't want to burn the ends. You want your ends kinda feel like plastic. What this does is prevent the ribbon from fraying.

4 - Now your going to glue your ribbon onto your clip. One side of the clip will be flat the other side of clip with have indention. The side of the indention will be on top. You will put a dot of glue on one end of clip. Then you will stick it inside the clip touching the top side.

5 - You will then bring ribbon over the top and add some glue.

6 - You will then put glue inside the pinch part and put ribbon in the gap then you will put glue around the back part of the clip (I hope all that makes since)

7 - You will get the shelf liner that you put in your cabinets and cut a small piece that will fit the inside of your clip. (There is a trick) One side of this shelf padding is bumpy and the other side is smooth. You will want to put the glue on the side of the smooth part. Then glue it to the bottom side of the top. What this does is make your clip slip-resistant. So, it won't fall out of your babies hair. It's wonderful, not necessary to have to make a bow but WONDERFUL!!!

8 - After you glue the piece, your going to want to hold your finger there for a few minutes so that it won't glue shut.

This is what your clip will look like


9 - Now you get your flowers . I found mine online, BUT you can just buy a bundle of fake flowers at Hobby Lobby and take them a part they look super good if you do it that way.

10 - Now your going to put a dot of glue on each layer of flowers (if you have more than one flower that is) then you will put a dot on top of center of clip and glue down your flower.

11 - Glue down embellishment for center piece. I used a gem but buttons are just as cute!


How to Make a Diaper Cake

This week I'm throwing a baby shower for my sister-in-law and I wanted to make a diaper cake. I was really scared to make one. I was really intimidated. But, it really is super easy. You don't have to be creative to make one, I will give you step by step directions and it truly is very simple!

Supplies Needed:
*1 large mailing tube (I got mine at the post office for a couple dollars)
*1 pkg of clear rubber-bands
*1 pkg of large rubber bands
*Cardboard to cut circle platform
*1 box of diapers if you want WHITE diapers then you need Pampers
*Hot Glue Gun
*White Butcher paper or white shiny wedding wrapping paper
*Glue Stick
*Flowers for Decoration
*Green Vellum

1 - Roll all your diapers and place clear rubber bands in the middle
2 - When you roll your diaper I started from opening side then rolled to the closed end
3 - You will need to roll all diapers

4 - Get your cardboard and cut your circles. I used for the big circle a dinner plate, the middle sized circle a saucer plate, and the small circle I used a small bowl to trace onto the cardboard

5 - Glue your doilies on your circles so it will have the decorative look.

6 - This is what your mailing tube looks like.

7 - Cut your mailing tube to the size you need
8 - When you cut the mailing tube you will cut it into 3 different pieces. Measure your size diaper and add 2 fingers for the length of each piece of mailing tube.
9 - You will then hot glue your pieces to the decorative circles
10 - Then you put the big rubber bands on the tube, then you will place diapers in between rubber band and mailing tube.
11 - On the bottom layer I placed 3 rows of diapers, on middle layer I put 2 rows of diapers, and top layer I placed 1 row of diapers. The reasoning for this is it gives the cake effect look where every layer gets bigger from top to bottom.

12 - Cut your leaves out of your vellum and place rolled tape on it

13 - Slip the leaves on top of every layer of diapers

14 - Add your decorative ribbon around the diapers. The ribbon also helps hide the rubber bands.
15 - Place your flowers where you would like to spice up your cake
This is a SIMPLE yet SUPER CUTE cake!!!