How to Make a Diaper Cake

This week I'm throwing a baby shower for my sister-in-law and I wanted to make a diaper cake. I was really scared to make one. I was really intimidated. But, it really is super easy. You don't have to be creative to make one, I will give you step by step directions and it truly is very simple!

Supplies Needed:
*1 large mailing tube (I got mine at the post office for a couple dollars)
*1 pkg of clear rubber-bands
*1 pkg of large rubber bands
*Cardboard to cut circle platform
*1 box of diapers if you want WHITE diapers then you need Pampers
*Hot Glue Gun
*White Butcher paper or white shiny wedding wrapping paper
*Glue Stick
*Flowers for Decoration
*Green Vellum

1 - Roll all your diapers and place clear rubber bands in the middle
2 - When you roll your diaper I started from opening side then rolled to the closed end
3 - You will need to roll all diapers

4 - Get your cardboard and cut your circles. I used for the big circle a dinner plate, the middle sized circle a saucer plate, and the small circle I used a small bowl to trace onto the cardboard

5 - Glue your doilies on your circles so it will have the decorative look.

6 - This is what your mailing tube looks like.

7 - Cut your mailing tube to the size you need
8 - When you cut the mailing tube you will cut it into 3 different pieces. Measure your size diaper and add 2 fingers for the length of each piece of mailing tube.
9 - You will then hot glue your pieces to the decorative circles
10 - Then you put the big rubber bands on the tube, then you will place diapers in between rubber band and mailing tube.
11 - On the bottom layer I placed 3 rows of diapers, on middle layer I put 2 rows of diapers, and top layer I placed 1 row of diapers. The reasoning for this is it gives the cake effect look where every layer gets bigger from top to bottom.

12 - Cut your leaves out of your vellum and place rolled tape on it

13 - Slip the leaves on top of every layer of diapers

14 - Add your decorative ribbon around the diapers. The ribbon also helps hide the rubber bands.
15 - Place your flowers where you would like to spice up your cake
This is a SIMPLE yet SUPER CUTE cake!!!

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