How to Make a Tutu

Hi, I'm Selena, and I'm going to start making tutorials for you! They will range from wall decor, cooking, stuff for kids, taking something that's nothing and turn it into something amazing, AND SO MUCH MORE!!!

The Very First Tutorial that I am doing is:
How To Make a Tutu
Supplies Needed:
*6 yards, you can do it multi-colored
*You can buy the tulle from a roll or from the bolt in fabric section
1 Cutting Mat
*1 Rotary Cutter
*1 Ruler
*1/2 in of elastic
*Make sure it's 1/2 in otherwise when you put together tutu, the elastic will roll
*Needle & Thread

*Hot Glue Gun & Glue stick
*Embellishment (optional)

Waist Sizes
Preemie (under 7lbs) :: 14''
0-3 mo :: 17/18"
6-12 mo :: 18/19"
1-2 yrs :: 20"
2-3 yrs :: 21"3-4 yrs :: 22"
4-5 yrs :: 23"

***When you cut your elastic make sure you cut it 2" smaller than waist size***
Preparing Tulle
---When you cut the tulle:
Preemie- 1yr ::
6" wide x 20" long
1 yr and up :: 6" wide x 24" long

(I like using the tulle on the rolls)

---Layer the tulle:
You will layer the tulle in sets of 3 for every knot
*If you are doing 2 colors you will layer it color 1, color 2, color 1 then the next
section will be color 2, color 1, color 2
*If you are doing 3 colors you will layer it color 1, color 2, color 1 the the next
section is color 2, color 1, color 2, then the next section is color 1, color 2,
color 3

Placing Tulle to Elastic

---First you take ends of tulle and place them together which makes a loop in the middle
---Then you will place loop above the elastic

---You will then take the ends of the strip and go under the elastic and through the loop that you created.
---Then pull the know semi-tight, tight enough to be able to adjust it later if needed.

---If your doing 2 colors you will do the opposite for the next knot.
For example :: pink, black, pink black, pink, black

---Once you have gotten most of the knots on you will sew elastic together

---Then you will finish putting more knots on where you will finish the tutu

---This part is optional, BUT if you want an embellishment you can get one. I just got a rose
for my embellishment, and I cut the stem off and put hot glue at the back of flower and place flower on a knot.

VOILA!!! You just made a Tutu!


  1. I was just thinking you should do some tutorials for your crafty items. You have some people who will be excited to make them and others who will be excited to PAY YOU to make them.