How to Make a Strawberry Dessert

What better dessert to have on a hot sunny summer day than a Refreshing Strawberry Dessert. We had this on Sunday night and it was delicious. Everyone finished it up fast!

*1 Angel Food Cake
*2 - 8oz Cream Cheese
*1 cup of white sugar
*1 - 8oz Cool Whip
*1 qt fresh strawberries
*1 - 18oz of strawberry glaze (you can find this by the strawberries in the produce)

1 - Cook your Angel Food Cake
2 - Cut your Angel Food cake into cubes
3 - Layer your cubes at bottom of dish. I used a trifle dish but you can place in a 9x13.

4 - Mix your Cream Cheese and Sugar until creamy
5 - Once you have your creamy mix, mix in your Cool Whip
6 - Layer Cream Cheese mixture on top of cake
7 - Slice Strawberries
8 - Mix Strawberries with Strawberry Glaze
9 - Spread Strawberry Mix on top of cream cheese mix
10 - IF you are using a trifle dish, repeat steps until you have no more mixtures, IF you are
using a 9x13 then you will only have one layer
11 - Spread Cool Whip on top of Dessert.
12 - Slice more strawberries to have a little decor' on the top

I hope you enjoy this because I know I did!

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